New Name, Same World Class Facility

We are thrilled to announce Sebring Motor Garages as our new name, reflecting our deep commitment to the Sebring racing community!

This decision comes from a two-fold desire:

To celebrate Sebring:

– Our new name proudly acknowledges the rich automotive heritage of Sebring, a place synonymous with speed and innovation. We are here to promote the racing community, our partnership with the Sebring Driving Club, local businesses and thus wanted to identity with the community to be a part of its legacy.

To stand out:

– By adopting the Sebring name, we aim to distinguish ourselves allowing us to build a unique identity that better represents our focus on serving the Sebring area and its passionate car enthusiasts.
We remain dedicated to building the world class facility you’ve come to expect and with our new name, Sebring Motor Garages, we aim to further solidify our commitment to this vibrant community.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Sebring Motor Garages here soon as we approach completion of Phase 1!

Safe racing,

The Sebring Motor Garages Team