Driving the sports car into a private garage may not seem like a big deal. However, when you’re tucking away those toys into a customized garage it is a whole other ball game. Apex Motor Garages will be breaking ground on a new development of luxury garages and townhouses this month at Spring Lake.

Apex Motor Garages will be building a 15-acre development at 120 Floral Drive in Sebring. The development will consist of customized luxury “man cave” garages and townhouses. The townhomes will follow the garages and have a clubhouse and pool. These are not average townhouses, they are “on steroids,” according to builder Bill Klohn. Though the builder calls the garages “man caves,” the townhouses will be a special place for families to make memories.

The development will be the first of its kind in Highlands County and are geared to racecar drivers and owners. Spring Lake is the perfect area for this project as it is less than a mile east of the legendary bumps of Sebring International Raceway.

The climate-controlled garages will protect the exotic and vintage auto collections for the owner. The units can provide shelter for boats, Class-A RVs and most other toys.

The garage units will be pretty snazzy for owners as well. A mezzanine loft area will be the perfect place to entertain or relax after working under the hood. The garages will have a standard bathroom and shower.

“Apex Motor Garages will allow its customers the flexibility to create their own dream space through the purchase or lease,” Klohn said.

Customizable options include a lift for stacking, kitchenette, flooring for garage and loft areas, security and sound systems and more. There are loads of standard options such as LED bay lighting, and a 60-foot drive aisle.

The garages will have two different sizes, 14 feet by 14 feet at 1,375 square feet and a 30 feet by 55 square feet with a total of 1,650 square feet. Both are equipped with an overhead door and are climate controlled for protection.

Klohn said the the smaller garage, which is the size of many houses, will hold six cars. The larger garage can hold the same six cars and give the owners more room to work on them.

Customers can purchase multiple units and combine spaces to suit their needs.

Klohn travels between Lake Placid and Naples and feels the starting pre-completion cost of $324,900 is a “bargain.” Especially when the same “man caves” on the coast would run around $800,000 in Naples, he said. He said the price is less in part because of “friendlier” land prices and economies of scale.

The project will be kicked off with the construction of two buildings.

“One building will be 24 units with all units 25-foot-wide by 55-foot-deep,” Klohn said. “The second building will be 20 units with all units 30-foot-wide by 55-foot-deep.”

The motor garages have proved popular so far, with nine already spoken for. Klohn is working on getting Carroll Shelby Road to open, creating a straight shot to SIR, eliminating the need for travel on U.S. 98.

Klohn said his target clientele consists of racers, those with a collection of cars, the person with an RV and a boat or several boats.